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Publishing FAQs

Q: Will you publish my book about [insert topic of your choice]?
A: Please review the About Us section of this website. We typically only publish works related to our mandate. We are not a print-on-demand company or a vanity press. The only way to find out for sure if we would consider publishing your work is to submit a proposal.

Q: How come authors don't make more money? Shouldn't I just self-publish my work, rather than giving a piece of my profit to you greedy publishers?
A: There is usually a big difference between a self-published book and a professionally produced book. A lot of time and effort goes into turning a manuscript into a successful book. Editors, publishers, art directors, marketers, salespeople and production managers are all part of this complex process. We are all in this business because we love publishing, not because we expect to get rich. We believe authors deserve to be fairly compensated for their work. But the reality is that profit margins are slim in the publishing industry. If you are writing a book primarily for the money, you may want to consider some other line of work.

Q: I sent you a proposal, but I haven't heard back yet. Why not?
A: It may take us awhile to read your submission. If you have been waiting for more than six months, feel free to give us a call to make sure we received your work: 403-271-3145.

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