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Rocky Mountain Books is pleased to announce a new book about Canadian nature photography, to be published in the fall of 2018. The volume will showcase some of the best nature images produced by Canada’s visual artists specializing in photography. This beautiful art book will not only be of aesthetic interest to the general public and photographers, but will also serve as a valuable practical reference for the business and art communities, libraries, governments or anyone wishing to hire photographers or exhibit or purchase high-quality Canadian nature photographs. 


The book will feature nature photographs made in Canada that have been created by Canadian citizens who currently reside in Canada. A wide variety of this country’s excellent and accomplished photographers will be considered, particularly those that have created a significant body of work on nature subjects. Photographs may be in colour or black and white, and may have originated from film or been created digitally, though only digital files will be considered for review and possible publication.

Canadian nature photographs will include native subjects that are growing or living wild outdoors within the borders of this country. Subject matter may include landscapes, waterscapes, underwater scenes, skies, geological formations, wildlife, botanical, abstracts etc. While humans are indeed a part of nature, this book will not focus on ‘humans themselves’ nor on human accomplishments, although some images that evidence ‘the hand of humans’ – a lighthouse in stormy weather, say, or a canoeist paddling a lake on a misty morning – may be considered. Photographs may depict ‘the big landscape’ or an ‘intimate view’ as in a close-up or macro photograph. Photographs may be either documentary or interpretive in approach but should remain true to the spirit of nature photography. Regarding techniques, the photographer should keep in mind that the theme is nature photography and not ‘pictorial’ or ‘fine art,’ although it is hoped that most images will indeed be artful. Montages, adding elements to an image, excessive manipulation, and subjects other than natural ones etc. are not deemed to be within the ‘nature philosophy’ of this book.

In summary, we wish to feature excellent nature photographs made by some of this country’s finest photographers. The editor and the publisher will make their selections based on the philosophy outlined above. All editorial decisions are final.


Each photographer selected for inclusion will receive a four-page profile in the book that will feature their nature photographs as well as a brief biography and contact information. The book will also contain a foreword by Freeman Patterson and an essay about nature photography by editor Mike Grandmaison.

This book is NOT a photo contest nor is it advertorial. Copyright for all images submitted or published will remain with the photographer. The publisher seeks only ‘one-time reproduction rights’ as well as ‘rights to market the book’ using photographs published in this book. There is no fee for the photographer to submit content or to be included in the book. In lieu of payment, each published photographer will receive the following in compensation: two copies of the book upon publication (Fall 2018), as well as a variety of print and digital assets which can be used to promote the individual photographer and the collection as a whole.


For those interested in submitting a portfolio, please read the following instructions carefully. Because of the high volume of submissions expected, we will unfortunately not be able to return any messages or be in a position to contact anyone submitting a portfolio; only those photographers whose work is chosen to be published in the book will be contacted. 

Any photographer wishing to participate in this project must meet ALL of the following requirements:

1. Canadian resident
Photographer must be a Canadian resident and living in Canada as of January 1, 2017.

2. Made in Canada
All photographs must be made in Canada. This is a book of photographs of Canada made by Canadian photographers.

3. Professional or serious amateur status
Priority will be given to persons who are either full-time or part-time practising professional or serious amateur photographers that have created a strong and significant body of nature photographs. 

4. Website
Photographers should have a website from which the editorial committee can easily browse and assess a portfolio. Should the photographer not have a personal website, we will consider reviewing work of theirs posted on an online photography site such as SmugMug, PhotoShelter, 500px etc. 

5. Subject matter
Please refer to ‘Nature philosophy’ as set out above.

6. Photographs for review and possible publication
Photographers must submit ten ‘publication ready’ photographs for review and possible publication. Format of images may include rectangular (horizontal or vertical), square or panorama. Photographs may originate from film or from digital files, but ONLY high-resolution digital files will be accepted for review and publication. Photographers are responsible for providing their own scan(s) for images originating from film.

The photographer is responsible for submitting professionally processed images that have been adjusted for colour, exposure, contrast, dust removal etc. and have been sharpened and sized appropriately.

The publisher or printer will NOT be performing ANY colour correction, contrast adjustment, cropping etc. on the photographs submitted or published, beyond the conversion adjustments required for printing that will include CMYK conversion (from RGB mode) and the addition of a paper profile as well as a printer profile.

SPECIFICATIONS for the high-res files are as follows:

Size: 14" or 36 cm or 4200 pixels on the longest side at 300 dpi
Panoramas may be sized to 24" or 60 cm or 7200 pixels on the longest side at 300 dpi

RGB colour space only (NO sRGB, NO ProPhoto etc.)

Tiff files flattened, i.e., NO layers, NO Selections etc.

Files should be appropriately sharpened. Some files MAY be sharpened at prepress if required.

Metadata for each file should include, as a minimum, the name and copyright notice of the photographer, the photographer’s address and telephone number, and basic caption information as to content (description of photograph) and location (where the photograph was made), e.g., ‘Bull moose (Alces alces) in wetland. Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada.’

Any information relevant to the image such as whether the subject was captive or baited or whether the image was composited or unduly manipulated should be disclosed in the basic caption (description of photograph).

High-resolution files that do not meet the requirements specified above MAY NOT be considered. 

7. Biography, portrait photo and statement from photographer

Photographer must submit a short biography of no more than 100 words (text file). The publisher will edit and possibly rewrite the bio.

Photographers must submit relatively recent portraits of themselves.
SPECS for high-res files of such portraits are as follows:

Size: 2" or 5 cm or 600 pixels on the longest side at 300 dpi

RGB colour space only

Colour or B&W

Tiff file that is flattened, i.e., NO layers, NO selections etc.

File should be appropriately sharpened and may be sharpened if required.

Statement from photographer
Each photographer is encouraged to send in a statement (50 words or less) that describes or summarizes their nature specialty, their approach or aspects of their philosophy. 

8. Contact information
Photographers must submit contact information that includes the following:
Business name (if any)
Postal address
Phone number (business phone and/or cell phone)
Email @ddress
Website address (maximum of three sites)
Photographic specialty

9. Electronic delivery
All submissions (10 high-res photographs, portrait, bio, statement and contact info must be delivered electronically to RMB publisher Don Gorman via Hightail, Dropbox, WeTransfer or other secure cloud-based service.

NO files will be returned.

10. Deadline for receipt of submissions
All submissions must be received by midnight (Pacific Time) Monday, May 1, 2017. 

Photographers whose submissions do not meet ALL of the above criteria MAY NOT be considered.

The fact that a particular photographer is not selected for inclusion in this book at this time is not necessarily a reflection of the quality of the work submitted. Space is limited and our objective is to feature a wide variety of excellent nature photographs that encompass a broad range of subject matter. Should this book enjoy healthy sales and we feel there is still much excellent work to showcase, the possibility exists that a second volume could be published in the future, featuring different photographers.

Thank you kindly for your consideration,

Don Gorman, publisher, Rocky Mountain Books
Mike Grandmaison, editor


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